What We Do

Talent Pimps is where Brands meet Online Media Talent.
Gamers, bloggers, vloggers… all flavors of social influencers.

Creative Spirits

Online video and social media are the perfect promotional vehicles to access your target market: a massive audience of eager young consumers.

But finding the right channel to promote your brand is no simple task.

And negotiating sponsorship deals with busy content creators can be a serious challenge.

Sales Professionals

We know your time is valuable and we understand that wasted time leads to poor conversion rates.

And that affects your commission.

So instead of wasting endless hours chasing hard-to-pin-down influencers, why not allow us to save you some leg-work by identifying relevant content channels for your brand?

We Deliver

With Talent Pimps’ impressive roster of top social media influencers and our proven record of success, you can rely on us to help deliver increased conversion rates and better value for your advertising dollar.

Message us here or just pick up the phone to discuss your requirements.

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Targeted YouTube Marketing

Integrated video marketing on high-reach YouTube channels helps you engage with your target audience and deliver your brand message.

Custom YouTube Sponsorships

Reach your target market through integrated video sponsorships with high-performing YouTube talent and social influencers.

Partner with Top YouTube Influencers

Identify the top-performing YouTube channels and the content creators which best fit your brand to create targeted sponsored content.

Drive ROI & Conversions

Build sponsored video campaigns which have a real impact, resonating with millions of passionate fans to drive new sales and brand awareness.

Multi-Platform Marketing Campaigns

The most effective media campaigns involve social influencers across multiple platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter…

Sponsored Blog Posts & Branded Content

Drive brand engagement through integrated marketing sponsorships and sponsored content with top lifestyle, fashion, home and design bloggers.

YouTube Influencer Sponsorships

Collaborate with high-reach YouTube channels and proven digital influencers to feature your brand, deliver your message, and engage targeted buying audiences.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Drive online social conversations and sentiment about your brand through social network promotion and online engagement.

Leverage Social Media Influencers

Leverage Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram influencer marketing to reach millions of passionate, connected and socially engaged consumers.